Castle Kids

Our mission is to teach our youth the importance of protecting yourself as well as other necessities in life such as balance and endurance.  We offer a fun-filled class providing confidence, structure, and entertainment.


This membership includes 

hand-to-hand defense tactics and classes that will differ everyday from being on a punching bag, grappling on a mat, or improving overall fitness. You will receive a well-roundedness of functional fighting fitness.


Gunfighter memberships

This membership includes access to both the shoot house and virtual range rooms for instructor lead training. A level up program with increased phases will focus on all the fundamentals to defend yourself through mastering pistols, rifles, knives, and more.


all-in-one memberships

This membership is all inclusive of the F³ and Gunfighter memberships. This option also includes exclusive open range and open gym access as well as discounts on skills and scenario-based trainings.